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  • AZZA

    the Story in brief about this Crook Company;
    It will start
    by calling,annoying,pushing,nagging till you pay the money to them then achieve
    little ot mild increase of your balance to encourage you to transfer more then
    if you ask any withdrawal the advisors disappear with your balance money
    !!!!!!! what can I call this except that is pure non-sense ,never trust such
    company !! and when you post any comments about them in their Facebook page
    they hacked my mobile pretending calling to solve my problems and they deleted
    all my comments and posts about their un-Licensed crook company and blocked

    • Ali

      Zurichprime is a scam. Lost 90%of my hard earned cash in a week. Fraud

      • Anton Gouws

        Zurichprime is pure scam.just as the other posts state they build up your acc. Then deliberately issue false information in order to try for more deposits,
        I am sure they do not even operate a force dealing licence. Or even have the proper licences.
        They are not regulated and do not abide by FPA rules.
        All staff have false names.
        A warning to all acc holders withdraw your money before they steal all.of it

  • ZAZA

    Yep total scam, I had the exact same experience just this week… Everything happened the way you guys are describing…

    • Ali

      Daylight robbers

  • bishoy

    i cant imagine you people deposited all this money!! i was cheated too and the broker “Mustafa” tried to make me deposit more but i turned aggressive and told him” you didn’t make me any profit till now so how do you want me to deposit more” so he changed the subject and told me to start trading as i lost 170$ on what he told me to trade in and i ignored him and started trading in some other currencies by myself and i made profit but then they never withdrew the money till i started to do more trades as i thought that i should on withdraw the deposit but then they closed the deals from there system at losing rate till i lost all my money…

    • Ali

      They are simply FRAUD

  • Roland Micheal Meas

    is there no way of getting the deposits back??????