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  • AZZA

    the Story in brief about this Crook Company;
    It will start
    by calling,annoying,pushing,nagging till you pay the money to them then achieve
    little ot mild increase of your balance to encourage you to transfer more then
    if you ask any withdrawal the advisors disappear with your balance money
    !!!!!!! what can I call this except that is pure non-sense ,never trust such
    company !! and when you post any comments about them in their Facebook page
    they hacked my mobile pretending calling to solve my problems and they deleted
    all my comments and posts about their un-Licensed crook company and blocked

    • Ali

      Zurichprime is a scam. Lost 90%of my hard earned cash in a week. Fraud

      • Anton Gouws

        Zurichprime is pure scam.just as the other posts state they build up your acc. Then deliberately issue false information in order to try for more deposits,
        I am sure they do not even operate a force dealing licence. Or even have the proper licences.
        They are not regulated and do not abide by FPA rules.
        All staff have false names.
        A warning to all acc holders withdraw your money before they steal all.of it

  • ZAZA

    Yep total scam, I had the exact same experience just this week… Everything happened the way you guys are describing…

    • Ali

      Daylight robbers

  • bishoy

    i cant imagine you people deposited all this money!! i was cheated too and the broker “Mustafa” tried to make me deposit more but i turned aggressive and told him” you didn’t make me any profit till now so how do you want me to deposit more” so he changed the subject and told me to start trading as i lost 170$ on what he told me to trade in and i ignored him and started trading in some other currencies by myself and i made profit but then they never withdrew the money till i started to do more trades as i thought that i should on withdraw the deposit but then they closed the deals from there system at losing rate till i lost all my money…

    • Ali

      They are simply FRAUD

    • Aaziz M

      Dear Bisoy I agree with you this gusy Mustafa , I lost more than 70K in one year he such cheater can conevince you to add and add more and promise , and when it comes to withdrwal time he will change the direction and will not let you withdraw the money easily and will start losing money he goes and buy in opposite direction to let you lose money and will call you back with bonuss offers to add more money .
      there should be a way to get back our lost money from this gang.


  • Roland Micheal Meas

    is there no way of getting the deposits back??????

  • I recently wrote a review on this company… I would not trust them. There are plenty of other companies offering similar investments with a more professional approach.

    here’s a link to my review if you are interested.

    • Thanks for sharing – I concur when you say; “There are several complaints and warnings about Zurich Prime – several Government agencies have issued warnings about Zurich Prime. In the U.K the Financial Conduct Authority, have warned people to be ‘especially weary of dealing with this unauthorized individual’, and further states that Zurich Prime could be a fraudulent scam. In Canada, the Ontario Securities Commission, has warned that Zurich Prime is an ‘unlicensed company’ and that Zurich Prime are ‘engaging in activities that may pose a risk to investors’. Individuals are also making an effort to warn people away from Zurich Prime. The Zurich Prime app in the Google Play store has several such warnings.”

      • Glad you liked it.. hopefully it will help save a few people some $$$

  • Zurich Prime

    Hello Forex Brokers,

    We appreciate the time you took to review our service. With your permission, we would like to touch on a few points mentioned which we believe may be misleading to your readers:

    Withdrawals: We have a fully visible, clear and strict withdrawal policy upon the website which we follow to the letter. No client’s withdrawals are withheld when the client meets his agreed withdraw requirements.

    Complaints: We make sure that all customer complaints are resolved. Prior to trading, each and every client is openly advised on the risks of trading in the forex market and that it may not be suitable for everyone. We make sure all our clients are aware of the risky nature of investment that is forex, an investment vehicle that may result in either high profits or losses. Sadly, some of our clients lost their funds and in order to recollect the losses prefer to blame the system, often on public platforms in order to pressure the company.

    Education: We offer a wide range of the latest educational materials and resources that can be found here:

    Satisfaction: Our brand’s success speaks for itself- Zurich Prime enjoys a huge number of content and satisfied clients, many of them earning profits daily.

    Thank you for allowing us to clarify these issues.

    Zurich Prime

    • gotscammedbyzurich

      It is funny, you always say this, you are very very good at lying

    • gotscammedbyzurich

      Very true, we all understand that forex has it’s risks, but what you do is mislead newbies with false information, your brokers keep the P/L in the negative and keep asking you to add more money, the very next trade your broker instructs you to do, goes negative. Is that not Fraud?

      • Ali

        That company make you trade to profit them the most. You never see your money. They converted my 800 pounds to 78 pounds in less than 2 weeks by asking me to buy and sell the same currency. Sometimes close and open part of it immediately.
        When I asked why, the advisor said you don’t understand just do what I say…..
        Is not this misleading and fraud?

    • Ali

      I don’t understand why police won’t act. I told them I complained to police against them, they said police can’t do anything.