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Your Income Tax Payment Didn’t Fail: It’s a Scam

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Pay your taxes online this year? Scammers are hoping to grab the attention of the many Americans who filed electronically. Watch your inbox for this latest round of phishing scams that poses as a IRS email.

How the Scam Works:

You receive an email saying your federal tax bank transfer failed. It appears to come from the Internal Revenue Service, but look closely at the “From” line, and you will see another email address.IRS 150x150 Your Income Tax Payment Didnt Fail: Its a Scam

The email gives a fake account number and urges you to check out the attached file, supposedly a Word Document explaining the details of the failed transfer. But of course, the file is really a virus.

The scammers behind this con are even craftier than usually. Some consumers have reported receiving a follow up email with the subject line “SECOND NOTICE: Your IRS federal tax bank transfer is cancelled.”

I Think I’ve Found a Scam. What Should I Do?  

  • As always, don’t click any attachments or links. If you did download the file, be sure to run a virus scan on your computer.
  • If you receive the above message or any suspicious email posing as the IRS, forward the message to

For More Information:

Check out the IRS website for examples of common phishing scams using the IRS name and tips for dealing with them.

To find scams in your area, check BBB’s scam directory.

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