Before adding and sharing your Fraud Alert please check to see if a similar alert has already been posted, thank you:

  • Antoinette if I say it ISN’T a phishing attempt will you share the $810 000 with me? JOKING.

    Answer this email at your peril.

  • Agven Ferdian

    i got the email too…
    with same words like yours
    i don’t know this is true or not
    how can we prove it??

    • The domain was only registered on 2 December 2014.

      If you go to the domain the index page shows a Google 404 Error Page which, if you look in the source of the page that image is being pulled directly from Google here:

      So this is ONE warning for caution.

      The SECOND warnings is in the structure of the mail – slightly threatening, calling for immediate action.

      The THIRD warning is that no Government is identified.

      The FOURTH warning is that many people have reported receiving this same ‘notice’.

      Enough proof that this is NOT genuine?