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  • Faith Churchill

    this is weird, i got the exact same thing as you two days ago, i sent a report to scam watchers and I filed a report to cyber crimes AUS so if anything happened to me I could lean back on them, Just block them and do not respond to them at all.

  • Megan Chester

    I just received this same message on 07/06/2017 from the Jessica email address. All it says is “Hey YOU, Please stop sending me your pictures. 🙂 Thanks,”

    Thank you for this feed – I will not be responding to this email.

  • extremlybored45

    I’ve been getting the same thing blocked it but I have a feeling it’ll still keep sending to my spam folder anyway haha.

    • Terrylf1

      Every time I block one, I just get one from a different name. Now I just delete them without blocking. I get two or three every day.

  • extremlybored45

    I did a quick IP look up of the sender… It’s what I suspected a private IP address probably using a VPN. But I thought I’d at least check lol.

  • Lazlo Vandor

    I’ve been getting these same spams. They go directly to “spam-box” of gmail. Of course, never answered any but might be interesting to know WHAT is the intention of senders. According to poster FRED, answering it you get an ‘address not found’ message and there is no potentially dangerous.fake link. Really mysterious!

  • Medzmart

    THANK YOU for this post. I have been confused the first time but the email seemed sincere, since I have also had cell phone issues. The subject title kept on persisting over the next two months at awkward intervals. Your post explained it clearly. Thanx again

  • Gen. Chang

    Do not open these kinds of spam. If you do, then they know it’s a live address, and then you get on a list, sold, & resold over and over again. You should especially never open email with images on by default. Because they likely have an invisible image that will notify the sender, usually only one pixel in size will do. Once they know you opened that email, then even more will arrive, and clever ones might even defeat spam filters.

  • Ralph Samuel Riggall

    Get Same Shit It’s Annoying