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Warning not to eat in certain Supermarkets NOT true

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The Department of Health has distanced itself from a statement circulating on social media, in particular WhatsApp, advising South Africans not to buy or eat from supermarkets in Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

“The statement is untrue, malicious and diabolic. It is designed to cause unnecessary panic in the public.

“We want to state clearly that there was never such warning posted on our website. There are procedures in place to ensure that information placed on our website is accurate and verified by authorised officials of the department.

“Matters of such public health magnitude are not dealt with simply by releasing a press statement. The Ministry of Health would have convened a media conference to thoroughly inform the public about the risk,” the department said in a statement.

According to the department, it is not the first time that such rumours have made their way to the public info space.

The department has always been quick to dispel misleading information. In this case, the source of this misinformation has been identified as

The department has assured the public that it is the responsibility of the department to inform them about any potential risk to their health. –