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Two Day Detecting and Preventing Internal and External Fraud In-Person Seminar (Burlingame …

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Two Day Detecting and Preventing Internal and External Fraud In-Person Seminar (Burlingame …: Organizations of all kinds and sizes are increasingly threatened by fraud. Embezzlement, kickbacks, check fraud, financial statement fraud and vendor …: Google Alert – Fraud

Licence fraud crackdown will mean longer queues: “The arrests and investigations into the alleged fraud and corrupt activities at driver testing centres in Johannesburg are fully supported by the …: Google Alert – Fraud

Police detain two for live-stream charity fraud in SW China: TWO men have been detained for fraud after allegedly pocketing money donated via live online-streaming, police in southwest China's Sichuan …: Google Alert – Fraud

'6 million' anti-ad fraud firm Telemetry has shut down: Telemetry, an adtech outfit that specialized in detecting fraudulent traffic and was once tipped to be worth $ 486m plus a possible IPO, has closed its …: Google Alert – Fraud

Value of reported fraud in UK financial services falls sharply: The value of reported fraud in the UK's financial services sector has fallen sharply by more than 62 per cent to £214.9m in 2016, according to a new …: Google Alert – Fraud

Why ad fraud is a mess in China: Ad fraud is an issue in every country, though it is especially rampant in China. Digital spend in China is predicted by eMarketer to grow from $ 40.4 …: Google Alert – Fraud

As housing prices surge, so does mortgage fraud: Mortgage fraud has surged in Canada as soaring home prices in some markets have squeezed buyers and attracted attention from money launderers, …: Google Alert – Fraud

President skirts fraud question: President skirts fraud question. Jacob Zuma side-steps a potentially embarrassing question on corrupt coterie. 11 January 2017 – 06:37 AM Khulekani …: Google Alert – Fraud

Smith County husband and wife guilty of health care fraud conspiracy: A couple in Smith County have pleaded guilty to charges of health care fraud. According to acting United States Attorney Brit Featherston, Gerard …: Google Alert – Fraud

San Bernardino Gunman's Brother Pleads Guilty to Immigration Fraud: Syed Raheel Farook, 31, entered his guilty plea to a single count of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud during a hearing in U.S. District Court in …: Google Alert – Fraud