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Troubleshooter: Durham man battles bank over fraud activity

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Troubleshooter: Durham man battles bank over fraud activity: Kevin says he went to his local SunTrust branch right away to report the fraud. He started doing some investigating, some looking, and right then, …: Google Alert – Fraud

Wheeling man, father sent to prison for fraud: They also were found to have paid bribes to school officials and teachers to make sure the fraud wasn't detected, officials said. Such bribes included a …: Google Alert – Fraud

Former HSBC Executive Convicted of Fraud for Front-Running — 3rd Update: He was convicted on eight counts of wire fraud and one count of wire-fraud conspiracy; he was acquitted on a ninth wire-fraud count. A lawyer for Mr.: Google Alert – Fraud

Former Head of HSBC FX Practice Found Guilty of 'Front Running' Fraud: Mark Johnson, the former head of HSBC's global foreign exchange cash trading, was convicted on Monday on one count of conspiracy to commit wire …: Google Alert – Fraud

New EB-5 Fraud Cases Involves Phony Investment in a Law Firm: At first it looked like just another ho-hum EB-5 (immigrant investor) fraud case, a bit of news that we see all too often. I checked off the similarities: …: Google Alert – Fraud

Collier County wants you to report FEMA fraud: COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — The Collier County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who thinks they've been a victim of FEMA fraud to contact the …: Google Alert – Fraud

Rip-Off Alert: Account takeover fraud easy to pull, difficult to detect: LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) — An account takeover fraud is one of the most basic forms of identity theft. Unfortunately, it's also one of the easiest to …: Google Alert – Fraud

China and Science Fraud: They have joined the international frenzy to publish or perish, which is the seed for fraud. The pure pursuit of science discovery is no longer a measure …: Google Alert – Fraud

Duo from financial services firm arrested for fraud: The fraud came to light three months ago during the company's annual audit, when the management realised that cash was being transferred from …: Google Alert – Fraud

Akua Donkor arrested for alleged fraud: The Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) leader, Madam Akua Donkor was on Monday arrested by police in Kumasi. This follows a complaint lodged by a …: Google Alert – Fraud