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The Voter Fraud Fantasy

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The Voter Fraud Fantasy: On Wednesday, he announced that he intended to launch a “major investigation” into voting fraud and suggested the outcome may justify tightening …: Google Alert – Fraud

Trump Pushes Voter Fraud Claim Citing Fringe Blogger: To date, none of the research Trump has cited to support his claims of massive fraud in the 2016 presidential contest has actually produced evidence …: Google Alert – Fraud

ETX man gets prison time for tax fraud scheme: A Palestine man will spend some time in federal prison after he was found guilty of a tax fraud scheme.: Google Alert – Fraud

Why Trump's Claim of Widespread Vote Fraud Is So Dubious: Jim Wilson/The New York Times A polling station in San Francisco in November. Voting officials in both parties have said there is no evidence of …: Google Alert – Fraud

NAACP: We'll Stop Trump's Voter Fraud Investigation: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) continues to show their leftist bias by saying they'll fight back against …: Google Alert – Fraud

Trump Cites Debunked Voter Fraud Vigilante to Prove His Latest Conspiracy: On Wednesday, he called for a “major investigation into VOTER FRAUD,” later pointing to a Pew report as proof. When ABC's David Muir told him that …: Google Alert – Fraud

Two men are being charged with running a 'Hamilton' ticket fraud scheme that stole millions: The SEC's complaint in the civil fraud charge alleges that Mali and Harrison told investors that they had a deal with a “Hamtilon” producer for 35,000 …: Google Alert – Fraud

Trump's “Curveball” moment: His “voter fraud” investigation is apparently based on one …: The Daily Beast's Ben Collins and Olivia Nuzzi interviewed a guy named Gregg Phillips, the founder of a voter-fraud reporting app, who tweeted just …: Google Alert – Fraud

Texas is ground zero for baseless voter fraud claims: During one of his impulsive twitter frenzies, President Trump called for a “major investigation into voter fraud,” as part of his false and outrageous claim …: Google Alert – Fraud

Court Checks Overreach by Obama Justice Department: A federal court of appeals recently reviewed a case involving federal government overreaching through the criminal law on the issue of mail fraud.: Google Alert – Fraud