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The rise of mobile phishing attacks and how to combat them

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The prevalence of phishing attacks today is truly frightening. While the word might conjure images of Nigerian princes and transparent requests for your bank details, modern phishing attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated. Consider that 91% of all cyberattacks and the resulting data breaches start with a phishing email, according to a PhishMe study.

We’ve looked at steps you can take to avoid phishing scams before, and those tips are still good, but it’s important to note that phishing scams are increasingly targeting our smartphones. The world is very much mobile now, with more than half of all web traffic going to cell phones.

But it’s not just the traffic that’s attracting phishing attacks, there are other things that make mobile devices particularly attractive to attackers.

The mobile menace

Though malware has claimed the lion’s share of mobile-related security headlines, phishing is actually a much bigger threat.