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Talking phishing campaigns with @PhishingAI’s Jeremy Richards | Salted Hash, Ep. 42

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This week on Salted Hash we’re joined by Lookout’s Jeremy Richards, who manages the @PhishingAI account on Twitter, as well as a good friend and fellow reporter from Ars Technica.

All this week, while we’re on location in Las Vegas, Salted Hash has been discussing phishing and the impact it has had on the public. Today, we’re getting an insider view on how @PhishingAI operates, and learning about a recent phishing campaign targeting Apple users.

The man behind PhishingAI:

Jeremy Richards is clever, and when it comes to hunting and exposing phishing campaigns on behalf of Lookout, a mobile security company based in San Francisco, he’s relentless. Currently, Lookout and Richards are processing about 4,000 phishing kits each month. But in order to do so, there is a lot of things happening on the backend.

“We’ve written a bunch of code that looks at infrastructure and the way phishers set up their phishing sites, and so we’ve written code to analyze those, classify them, categorize them, and block them. What you see on PhishingAI is the stuff that bubbles up to the top – the interesting things,” Richards said during our chat.