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Cabin crew employment scam

Fraud Alert:

Pretoria – South African Airways (SAA) has warned the public about the re-emergence of a recruitment scam inviting young people to apply for a cabin crew training programme. “This appears to be yet another attempt by criminals to prey on unsuspecting members of the public. There is neither recruitment nor training programmes for cabin crew […]

SAA warns public of scams

Fraud Alert:

South African Airways (SAA) on Tuesday warned the public of several scams running on social media. The first scam claims that customers have been “selected” to participate in a “short survey and get two South African Airways tickets” for free, with customers directed to “SAA’s website is The airline is not running any […]

SAA Recruitment Scam

Fraud Alert:

South African Airways is appealing to the public to take note of a false recruitment drive that demands personal information and an application fee, and to report any misconduct to the authorities. The scam entices unsuspecting members of the publice to apply for training and possible placement as cabin crew members. “We issued a statement […]