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Fake News threatens SA’s Stability

Fraud Alert:

KwaZulu-Natal Acting Premier Sihle Zikalala has issued a strong warning against the proliferation of fake news, describing it as a serious threat which could undermine the stability of countries. Addressing hundreds of delegates attending the 69th World News Media Congress at Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban on Wednesday, Zikalala, who is also […]

FAKE: Hillbrow police station robbed of their pistols, food and seized stolen goods while they were sleeping

Fraud Alert:

The ‘news’ that police in Hillbrow were robbed of their pistols and stolen goods while they were sleeping has been received with dismay by the Gauteng South African Police Service management. The statement published on social networks is fake news that has been making the rounds. No pistols or stolen goods have been stolen from […]

SAPS on Fake News and Fraudulent Social Media Posts

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The South African Police Service has noted with concern the increasing number of false posts on social media about missing, kidnapped and abducted girls and women. Social media is a helpful medium for both the community and the police. However, the hoaxes, fake news and the dissemination of false information which we have experienced of […]


15 Signs you could be reading Fake / Fraudulent News

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The proliferation of Fake News sites are mainly as a result of the gullible public believing and sharing more and more unbelievable stories. These stories attract page views and/or clicks on adverts which translate into advertising revenue for the site owners. A few act as portals for phishing and extracting money or information from the […]

Did fake news sites help Trump win?

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Many critics of the presidential election are partly blaming false information and fake news stories propagated on Google and Facebook for influencing the outcome. While some Facebook employees share this concern, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has largely dismissed the notion that fake news on Facebook contributed to Trump’s victory. Despite this, both Google and Facebook […]