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Stretch Your Dollar: Fighting credit card fraud

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Stretch Your Dollar: Fighting credit card fraud: To beat fraud, credit card companies are beefing up security. Chip enabled cards help. The chips called EMV chips hold your payment information. They also give a unique code specific to each purchase. Pin codes are another way companies are fighting fraud and making it harder for hackers. But it is …: Google Alert – Fraud

Canadian fraud victims could get some of 6M US Western Union settlement: Police departments across Canada are informing fraud victims who sent funds through Western Union that they may be eligible to get some of their money back. Western Union has been ordered to pay back $ 586 million after the American Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice ruled the …: Google Alert – Fraud

New Ipswich mayor charged with fraud: Pisasale resigned last June, two weeks before being slapped with fraud, corruption and misconduct charges. Jim Lindsay stood down as chief executive in January after being charged in September with official corruption, disobedience to statute law and disclosing a confidential document, while former …: Google Alert – Fraud

Ipswich mayor charged with fraud: Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli has been charged with fraud, the city's second mayor in 12 months to be investigated for corruption. Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission charged Antoniolli, 47, with seven counts of fraud at Ipswich watch house on Wednesday before he was bailed.: Google Alert – Fraud

Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli charged with fraud by CCC: Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli has been charged with a number of fraud offences after an investigation by Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission. The 47-year-old was taken to the Ipswich City watch house this afternoon where he was charged. He is facing seven counts of fraud for …: Google Alert – Fraud

Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli charged with seven counts of fraud: IPSWICH Mayor Andrew Antoniolli has been charged by the Crime and Corruption Commission with seven counts of fraud. He is the second Ipswich mayor to face CCC charges in less than a year. Cr Antoniolli, who replaced Paul Pisasale as mayor after his resignation, was charged at the Ipswich city …: Google Alert – Fraud

Volkswagen settles Arizona fraud charges for M, including consumer payments: What's left over will pay the state's legal fees and also go into an account the attorney general can use to investigate future consumer fraud claims of any … “The Attorney General's Office isn't afraid to take on a fight when Arizona consumers are deceived, which is why we filed our own consumer fraud …: Google Alert – Fraud

Former Netflix Exec Faces Federal Fraud Charges for Alleged Kickback Scheme: A former Netflix executive is facing federal fraud charges after accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks from partner companies, according to court officials who unsealed a federal indictment Tuesday. Michael Kail, 49, was arraigned in federal court in San Jose on charges that he …: Google Alert – Fraud

SD a national leader in battling elder fraud: Sharp, the head of that team, addressed the National Association of Attorneys General in April in Kansas, where he shared his fraud-fighting techniques with 100 top law enforcement officials from around the country. “There's not many units in the country like ours, though everybody wants one,” Sharp …: Google Alert – Fraud

Ute Mountain Ute fraud case grows to .1 million: The elaborate fraud scheme involved employees of the tribe's Financial Services Department who fraudulently dispersed checks written to people they selected, including nontribal members and prison inmates, according to court documents. Those who received the checks cashed them, then usually …: Google Alert – Fraud