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Socure Publishes New Whitepaper on Growing Problem of Synthetic Identity Fraud: News

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Socure Publishes New Whitepaper on Growing Problem of Synthetic Identity Fraud: Synthetic fraud is a gradual process in which fraudsters compile a false identity to resemble a person, then use the false identity to commit financial …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Police warning over Amazon scam that's scarily convincing: North Wales Police have issued a warning over a scarily convincing Amazon scam making the rounds across the region. Fraudsters are sending …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Gardaí warn the public about fraudsters posing as Revenue officers: Gardaí are warning people about the latest fraud scam involving criminals pretending to be from the Revenue Commissioners and seeking bank …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Fraudster posing as Apple tech support steals 000 from Mac owner: A hacker recently stole $ 16,000 from a Mac owner in Cape Coral, Florida, by posing as Apple tech support. The fraudster phoned the targeted …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Aping Amazon's speed opens up retailers to fraud: Today Tom Stevenson, UK Sales Director at Forter looks at the fraud landscape and the common pressure points fraudsters use to con retailers.: Google Alert – fraudsters

Email payment frauds – staying one step ahead: We are observing an increase in the number of instances where email accounts operated by the fraudsters make urgent requests for payment into …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Angus gran warns that Amazon scammers appear to be calling from local numbers: A Tayside grandmother has warned about the danger of Amazon Prime scam phone calls, warning fraudsters can make them appear to come from a …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Mobile firm Three threatened me with legal action after a fraudster took out a phone contract in my …: In this instance, a fraudster was able to purchase a phone and contract online under Mrs L's name, using detailed personal information they already …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Cheshire police warn of rise in 'courier fraud' crimes: CHESHIRE police have issued an urgent warning to the public after three elderly victims were conned out of more than £60,000 by fraudsters posing …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Jail for the fraudster behind scam to help Scunthorpe learners pass their driving tests: A fraudster who sat other people's driving theory tests in Scunthorpe and other towns has been jailed for a third time. Swallaxadin Abdul Bashir …: Google Alert – fraudsters