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SEBI To Use Social Media Analytics, Tools To Track Fraudulent Activities: News

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SEBI To Use Social Media Analytics, Tools To Track Fraudulent Activities: Further, Tyagi said that social media platforms are increasingly being used by fraudsters for market manipulation. SEBI believes that the inputs and …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Fastag Fraud: How To Avoid Losing Money And Falling Prey To Scammers: Fraudsters from all around the world eagerly wait for a vulnerable moment of people's lives and target them using that vulnerability. It seems that this …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Bank warns against new wave of 'vishing' scams: In the past, the physical cloning of bankcards was one of the most prevalent methods fraudsters used to steal money from bank accounts.: Google Alert – fraudsters

Schools whose results were withheld have been warned of fraudsters: The Uganda National Examinations Board has asked school heads and parents to beware of fraudsters who have started asking for money to …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Two Penangites lose over RM650K in Macau scams: KEPALA BATAS: Two Penangites have fallen victim to Macau scams, with over RM650,000 in total lost to fraudsters. In the first case, a 47-year-old …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Alleged fraud reached over £1bn in 2019: According to the firm's Fraud Barometer, “fraudsters went back to basics” targeting commercial businesses and the general public, with alleged cases …: Google Alert – fraudsters

'Smart factory' honeypot attracts two ransomware attacks, fraudsters, corporate espionage – and …: A 'smart factory' honeypot set-up by Trend Micro attracted crypto-miners and two ransomware attacks – although it took more than a month before the …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Monzo customer scammed out of £5000 including inheritance from his grandad in 'number …: Jamie was a victim of a convincing "number spoofing" scam where fraudsters mask their real number behind the bank's official line so that it looks …: Google Alert – fraudsters

'Tap and go' fraud on the rise: The eThekwini Outer South cluster would like to warn the community of the 'tap and go' bank card fraud crime. Fraudsters are now defrauding people …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Democrats warned of cybercriminals targeting campaign funds: In one instance, fraudsters impersonating a campaign chair claimed in an e-mail to a staffer: “I need you to execute a payment.” Other messages …: Google Alert – fraudsters