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Scammers Pose as Your Banker in New Phishing Scam

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Family Security Credit Union has recently become the latest target of a telephone phishing scam. A local North Alabama resident contacted the BBB to report that they had received a call from the financial institution claiming a suspicious transaction had taken place on their card. The scammer was requesting personal information from the consumer including their name and account information. A Family Security Credit Union employee confirmed that when a representative from card services calls to inform the customer of the suspicious charges, they will never ask the customer to verify their name, account number or security code of the card in question. The company’s best advice for confirming whether a phone call is legitimate is to ask for the representative’s name, hang up, and call back using the number on the back of your debit/credit card and asking to speak with the same representative.

Family Security Credit Union and Regions Bank offer the following tips to help you protect your personal information from phishing scams:

  1. “Never give out personal information such as: account number, online/mobile banking passwords, PINs or complete Social Security numbers.
  2. Do not provide your personal information to an unsolicited caller.
  3. Never respond to a phone call or voicemail service asking you to verify account information or reactivate a bank service, even if the caller recites some of your account information to you. They may have obtained the information from another source and are enticing you to provide additional details that would help them access your accounts.”
  4. Please be aware that legitimate calls from Family Security Credit Union, such as calls from card services, are made often, but the agents only ask for confirmation of certain activity on a credit or debit card. No sensitive information is requested.

Source: Regions , Family Security Credit Union

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