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SARS Tax Fraud

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The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has warned tax payers to be on the lookout for fraud and phishing scams where criminals try to gain access to their banking details by sending emails which pretend to be from SARS.

“SARS will never ask for personal, tax banking or eFiling details (passwords, login information, etc) via phone or email. Taxpayers will also never be asked to log into the eFiling website from a link in an email.

“SARS has tightened its controls on the tax return process in light of the challenges encountered towards possible tax fraud. Also, this is to prevent incorrect refund pay-outs.”

SARS assured the public that not all taxpayers are affected by these additional tighter controls. In fact, these controls are in place to protect the taxpayer and to ensure everyone pays their fair share of taxes due to the fiscus.

“Taxpayers are urged to take ownership of their tax affairs even if they are making use of a registered tax practitioner or intermediary. This includes protecting their personal details and the credentials used on electronic devices.

“Taxpayers are also urged to always authenticate communication from SARS with the contact centre or at their nearest branch.”