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Sai Baba, A Shameless Fraud – Totally Exposed. [Video]

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A Fraud video production – Sai Baba, A Shameless Fraud – Totally Exposed.:

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After seeing this only the most gullible fools will still stretch there imagination – not wanting to accept they were totally and completely fooled. Remember demons can have minor supernormal ablities by which they can confound your thinking, appear in dreams etc. All genuine traditions repeatedly emphasize and warn about this.

This things a demon, a python that incarnated from the 17th level of Hell. It still retains elements of its original python appearance. If you think of this as some personal diety you will go along with it to the hell it came from upon death.

It asks you to pray for material things, do ritual worship to it so that it can, in exchange, take away precious things from your soul.

Further, by propagating stuff for this demon and helping it fool more people you will accumulate even more karma. If you have done such things its your own responsibility to reverse it.

The video absolutely does not violate any copyright law [ Putting up the note since there are some directly paid by and directly affiliated with this cult who try to take down any expose of the person under a concocted banner of “copyrights violation”. Such people should be immediately brought to Justice. One such person who has been going around doing this is Mr. ” Richard Wetmore” as can be evidenced by a google and related discussion on raionalist forums such as Randi’s ]:

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