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  • Well now that you’ve received it and I received it on in December 2015 it seems to be scam.
    The first problem was that it looks like its from department of health but his using a gmail address. That’s the 1st red flag.
    Secondly. no one ever says tender for the value between R85000 to R500000, Why such a big range for someone to quote in. strange
    Thirdly. My company has nothing to do with what he wants a quote for.
    So I would agree it’s a scam.

    • Thanks for the input Jacques – also who asks for a ‘Tender Quote’?

  • First of all it looked to good to be true. For those who don’t know this very basic fact yet, IT’S A SCAM

  • Andrew F Carstens

    we also got an email requesting a quote for the department of health. it seemed pritty normal since we actually did do work for the department before but then i got suspicious and google ed that email adress. proceeding with that quote i would have lost R80 000.00 i hope someone gets him