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Recycled SAPS ‘Warning’ a Fraud

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The following message is being posted and shared on Facebook this year:

Urgent Message from SAPD:

This message is for every man, boy, woman or girl who goes to work, college or school alone. If you find a child crying on the road showing his/her address and asking you to take him/her to that address, immediately take that child to the police station and please DO NOT take the child to the address. This is a new way to gang rape women and girls, rob and kill men and boys.

Please forward this message to all your contacts!! Please don’t feel shy forwarding this message, one message may save many lives! FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH!!!

URGENT: Please do not accept FREE KEY HOLDERS at service stations, it has a tracker device in it by which you can be followed this is happening already in Jo’burg & Durban as we speak.

Lt Col MJ Krugel
Crime Intelligence
012-360 1058\082 778 2846

In 2012 the SAME message did the rounds as above BUT that one had these contact details added:

Blikkies van Rensburg
TEL: 012-393 5286
FAX: 086-652 3008
Cell: 083 226 7046

Have a look dispassionately at the warning and then you will see the telltale signs of a hoax:

  1. The SAPS has been referred to as SAPS and not SAPD since 1995
  2. It uses scare tactics
  3. Is badly written
  4. Asks you to forward the message
  5. Uses many exclamation marks
  6. Uses CAPS
  7. Provides official looking contacts which when you phone will be false.

A simple check (without spending money on a phone call!) would be to Google MJ Krugel – which is what we did. One would expect MJ Krugel to at least have a Facebook Profile as the message was sent via Facebook.

We found two listings on the first page of results:

  1. A LinkedIn listing – M J Krugel, Magistrate at Pblic Office Bearer, Dundee Area, South Africa, Judiciary – yes Public is spelled as ‘Pblic’ and
  2. A listing on a site called Nekropole stating that MJ Krugel had been born in South Africa, died on 06 July 1942, buried in Hopetown Cemetry and was a World War 1 participant with the rank of Second Lieutenant in the South African Air Force.

If you are still not sure whether the message you receive is a hoax or not then contact your nearest police station: