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PSafe detects 8.5 times more phishing scams in 2017 to date than malware attacks; Launches DFNDR Security 5.0 …

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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PSafe Technology, Inc., a leading provider of mobile security and optimization solutions for Android phones, today announced DFNDR Security 5.0, its flagship product with enhanced anti-hacking technology and anti-phishing features. The new app version—DFNDR Security 5.0—steps up protection against phishing attacks through the latest advances in machine learning and crowdsourcing.

This video describes what makes PSafe different from other Android security apps and why you should consider it—whether you choose the free version or the paid version at $4.99 per year with no ads—as your first choice for defense when it comes to Android security.

Phishing scams go beyond just email and include popular chat and messaging services such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Sophisticated ad promotions, such as e-coupons, giveaways, online donation drives, and contests, have also been used by hackers to fool consumers into giving up their personal information. Just this year, PSafe has caught phishing attacks that attempted to undermine popular consumer-facing companies such as Facebook, Wells Fargo, McDonald’s, and American Airlines.

“More and more phishing attacks are affecting mobile phone users,” said Marco DeMello, CEO, PSafe. “Your mother, your brother, or your neighbor, anyone could be a victim. Hackers are creating increasingly sophisticated phishing scams that fool even the most tech-savvy consumers. DFNDR Security uses advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to do the heavy lifting for users so that they can have the freedom to connect and share online without worry.”

This infographic details the statistics and looming threats of cyber attacks on Android phones.

The DFNDR family of security apps includes:

  • DFNDR Security with phishing scam detection in SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Rather than detecting potentially malicious links after users have already clicked on them, DFNDR Security 5.0 automatically checks for phishing-related activities inside these apps without the user ever having to click on any links.
  • Anti-hacking technology is also being added to the DFNDR VPN app, which is a virtual private network service providing users with privacy and security while they’re connected to the internet.
  • A secure storage solution with military-grade encryption—DFNDR Vault—that keeps information safe on Android devices and further helps to protect users’ privacy.

PSafe’s DFNDR Lab, comprising a global team of security experts that use artificial intelligence, proprietary technology, and community collaboration to uncover cyber attacks and scams, monitor over 2 billion URLs and detects on average 800,000 – 900,000 malicious attempts every day. As a proud sponsor of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), PSafe collaborates with industry leaders around the globe to help unify the effort and develop best practices to prevent phishing scams and cyber crime.

“The number of phishing scams is on the rise. In 2017 to date, our team at DFNDR Lab has detected and blocked 17 million malicious URLs in the U.S., that is 8.5 times more than malware attempts,” said Emilio Simoni, head of PSafe’s DFNDR Lab. “Also, chat-based hacker attacks are on the rise, and we’re offering proprietary proactive protection, so that the user is alerted without taking that first risky step.”

PSafe, with seven years of mobile security experience, holds a dominant position in the Latin American security software market and already has close to 4 million monthly active users in the U.S. after entering the market in 2016.

About PSafe
PSafe Technology is a leading provider of mobile privacy, security, and performance apps for the Android platform. The company is dedicated to delivering innovative products that protect consumers’ freedom to safely connect, share, play, express, and explore online. The flagship antivirus and anti-hacking app, DFNDR Security, has 100+ million installations globally and was recently named a top-rated antivirus software by the AV-TEST Institute—the world leader in security and antivirus research. To safeguard and enhance Android users’ online experiences, the company’s app portfolio continues to grow and now includes a virtual private network app—DFNDR VPN, a private storage app—DFNDR Vault, and a battery performance app—PowerPro. PSafe is funded by Redpoint Ventures,, RPeV, Pinnacle Ventures and Index Ventures. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Brazil and numerous satellite employees around the globe.

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