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Possible voter fraud probed in tight NC House race

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Possible voter fraud probed in tight NC House race: Possible voter fraud probed in tight NC House race. Nov. 30, 2018 – 2:02 – It's been nearly a month since North Carolina voters cast their ballots for the …: Google Alert – Fraud

AP retracts call in North Carolina congressional race amid fraud investigation: The North Carolina board of elections cited “claims of irregularities and fraudulent activities related to absentee by-mail voting” when it said it would …: Google Alert – Fraud

Evidence of fraud mounts in uncertified North Carolina race won by Republican: Investigators have found mounting evidence of fraud in a North Carolina U.S. House race that a Republican won by 905 votes. Earlier this week, the …: Google Alert – Fraud

Will Apple join latest industry fight against ad fraud?: The Interactive Advertising Bureau's Tech Lab released a framework Friday to prevent a sophisticated form of ad fraud in apps that once wreaked …: Google Alert – Fraud

Donald Watkins, who tried to buy Twins, indicted on federal fraud charges: Because he was just indicted in federal court along with his son of seven counts of wire fraud, two counts of bank fraud and one count of conspiracy to …: Google Alert – Fraud

Why allegations of voter fraud in North Carolina are being treated seriously: In other words, the board is worried about voter fraud. As it stands, with all votes counted, Republican Mark Harris holds a 905-vote lead, a narrow …: Google Alert – Fraud

North Carolina Race Roiled by Claims Voter Fraud — But Not the Kind the GOP Worries About: North Carolina Republicans are very concerned about voter fraud. “Committing voter fraud is easy in our state,” the state's Republican lieutenant …: Google Alert – Fraud

NC officials vote to hold hearing over alleged fraud in US House race: The North Carolina Board of Elections voted Friday to hold a hearing as state officials continue to investigate fraud allegations related to the U.S. …: Google Alert – Fraud

Records show Whitaker knew of fraud claims at Florida 'scam company': Kerri Kupec, a Justice Department spokeswoman, had previously said that Whitaker was "not aware of any fraudulent activity. Any stories suggesting …: Google Alert – Fraud

NC election officials plan hearing over fraud concerns in US House race, raising possibility of new …: North Carolina officials voted Friday to continue investigating fraud in the 9th Congressional District election, potentially delaying certification of the …: Google Alert – Fraud