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Police warn of "SIM swap" scam after West Vancouver officer targeted: News

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Police warn of "SIM swap" scam after West Vancouver officer targeted: At that point, the fraudster will download a series of popular apps (e.g., online banking, social media, email) and will select the “forgot password” …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Bogus Charity Relief Scam is the Disaster that Keeps on Giving this Holiday Season: Natural disasters and severe weather events create opportunities for fraudsters to exploit the public's giving nature. Scammers are aware of this and …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Crypto Becoming Fraudsters' Weapon Of Choice: Looking back at 2019, and at cryptocurrencies, we may well make the declaration that fraudsters got a lot more brazen … which may mean 2020 is the …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Police nab online fraudster in Jharkhand: The Triplicane police apprehended an online fraudster who was holed up in Jharkhand after escaping from the city nine months ago. In February …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Accountants Behaving Badly: Retirement Fund Theft, Defrauding Nursing Home, Fraudster Going …: Plus, two tax preparers, who as it turned out weren't registered tax preparers, are sentenced for filing false tax returns. Plymouth accountant charged …: Google Alert – fraudsters

ATM fraudsters withdraw lakhs from bank customers: Over 30 people, mostly from Kolkata's Jadavpur area, have lodged complaints that a huge amount of money was withdrawn during the past three days …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Fraudsters in Noida accessed personal details of Flipkart, Myntra users: Report: A call centre in Noida was shut down and 45 of its employees were arrested after an investigation by the police found that they were accessing Flipkart …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Paytm KYC 'Suspended'? How A Phishing Scam Can Empty Your Wallet: The advisory released by Paytm mentions that the company does not send such SMSs and these messages are sent by fraudsters. Phishing is a …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Widow who was tricked out of £40000 in a dating scam reveals she's getting married this month …: Speaking of the fraudsters who were posing as Kevin, she said: 'He told me what I wanted to hear and lulled me into thinking that this guy really cared.: Google Alert – fraudsters

How AI Transforms the AD Fraud Detection Techniques?: AI's time-series analysis helps advertisers to notice fraudulent patterns and block the serial fraudsters while continuously filtering accidentally labelled …: Google Alert – fraudsters