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Police Investigating Fraud Attempt Against Law Firm

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Police Investigating Fraud Attempt Against Law Firm: Police Investigating Fraud Attempt Against Law Firm. Tammy Hancock Reporting. Police are investigating a forgery and defrauding a secured creditor …: Google Alert – Fraud

Big Data Analytics: Predicting Fraud in Finance: These were the words shared by one panelist at the University of Delaware's Fraud Detection & Cyber Security in Financial Services Conference …: Google Alert – Fraud

How Barclays' audacious rescue during the financial crisis ended in fraud charges: Barclays said the first – conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation – related to so-called “advisory services agreements” (ASAs). These were …: Google Alert – Fraud

Task force teaches businesses how to thwart fraud, theft: The enormous number of ways criminals can defraud shoppers and business owners requires increasing awareness about how to combat their efforts …: Google Alert – Fraud

Crisis-era fraud charges haunt Barclays as rivals move on: Britain's Serious Fraud Office charged Barclays Plc and four former executives on Tuesday over undisclosed payments to Qatari investors during a 12 …: Google Alert – Fraud

Britain's embattled fraud office bares teeth with Barclays charges: LONDON, June 20 Britain's Serious Fraud Office has defied critics who accuse it of failing to pursue top executives by criminally charging Barclays and …: Google Alert – Fraud

Jose Mourinho tax fraud Q&A: what has the reaction been across Europe and what happens next?: The sums are not ruinous for the individuals involved – €14.7 million for Ronaldo; €3.3 million for Mourinho – and they may well decide that it is simpler …: Google Alert – Fraud

John Varley steps down from Rio board after fraud charge: John Varley has responded to being charged with fraud over his time as Barclays chief by stepping down from several non-executive roles, including …: Google Alert – Fraud

06/20/2017: Barclays CEO faces fraud charges: The price of crude oil has been in sharp decline — the third straight year in a row. And that's making the job of policing interest rates in America even …: Google Alert – Fraud

Fraud: A male, 49, New York, New York, was arrested for Fraud when police were called to a business in the 400 block of N. Main Street, Doylestown.: Google Alert – Fraud