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[Podcast] Chocodiles and Chargebacks: Stories from Veteran Fraud-Fighters

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[Podcast] Chocodiles and Chargebacks: Stories from Veteran Fraud-Fighters: Veteran fraud analysts from WePay, Facebook, and Square give us an inside look at fraud fighting.: Google Alert – Fraud

JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon Regrets his ”Bitcoin is a Fraud” Statement: Jamie Dimon, chair of JP Morgan Chase, was once again asked about his thoughts on bitcoin. In a wide-ranging interview on FOX Business, Mr. Dimon was given a few of his notable quotes back to him, and asked to assess his present feelings. It appears he's softened a little on the the world's most …: Google Alert – Fraud

Livonia doctor charged in perscription drug conspiracy, health care fraud: Chang was also charged with health care fraud for allegedly billing Medicare for services he did not provide. "Our office has no tolerance for corrupt doctors who are making Michigan's opioid crisis even worse by unnecessarily prescribing drugs," said U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider in a written …: Google Alert – Fraud

online account locked by fraud: Can you please assist with getting me contact with someone from Fraud? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. – Let TD Helps show you how you can reach your goals.: Google Alert – Fraud

JP Morgan Chase CEO Says He Regrets Calling Bitcoin a Fraud: In September, Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a fraud, saying that "If you're stupid enough to buy it, you'll pay the price for it one day." Dimon now changed his mind, though he still worries about how governments will react to bitcoin's growth.: Google Alert – Fraud

Danville doctor sentenced to 2 years on healthcare fraud, ordered to pay .7 million: (WSET) — A Danville doctor, who prosecutors said billed various insurers for services he never administered to patients, even after he was warned about the practice, was sentenced on healthcare fraud and tax evasion charges. The U.S. Attorney announced Edwin L. Fuentes, 55, was sentenced to 24 …: Google Alert – Fraud

Blacksburg doctor fires back at fraud charges, accusing government of misconduct: A Blacksburg vein specialist charged with prescription fraud has accused the prosecution of tampering with a key defense witness. A lawyer for Dr. Frank Craig Purpera Jr. asked a judge Monday to find prosecutorial misconduct and dismiss all 70 charges. Purpera's wife's doctor, considered by Purpera …: Google Alert – Fraud

Former 'cocaine cowboy' pilot on trial in auto fraud case: In it, she said, he appears to admit knowing about the fraud. In addition, several other people who have already pleaded guilty are listed as prosecution witnesses. According to an indictment, the scheme involved obtaining cars that were about to be repossessed by a bank or other financial institution or …: Google Alert – Fraud

Brooklyn assemblywoman accused of Superstorm Sandy money fraud: NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities on Tuesday said a New York state assemblywoman cheated the federal government out of Superstorm Sandy money and New York City out of funds intended for charities, spending some of the proceeds of the crimes on her mortgage, vacations and merchandise from …: Google Alert – Fraud

Democrat Asks Judge To Block Trump Voter Fraud Probe From Deleting Or Moving Records: In the little under eight months it existed, the panel collected voter data and heard public presentations at a September meeting alleging the possibility of widespread voter fraud, which several studies and investigations have shown is not prevalent. Dunlap and other Democrats on the panel repeatedly …: Google Alert – Fraud