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Phone scam warning for UAE residents: News

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Phone scam warning for UAE residents: Scammers and fraudsters have become bolder and are now using scare tactics to extract money from unsuspecting people. Many gullible residents …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Justice charges 80 in massive online fraud case linked to Nigerian defendants: “In the BEC scams, the fraudsters will often hack a company's email system, impersonate company personnel, and direct payments to bank accounts …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Romanian thief jailed in FIVE EU countries was free to come to the UK and steal in bank-card scam: Leonard Velcu, 31, and Viorel Agapie struck at least 21 times across England; Their victims included an 84-year-old who had £1,700 stolen from their …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Opinion | Data deprivation makes cybercrime difficult to tackle: Fraudsters usually start by creating various websites or accounts on social-media platforms that host some content to make them look deceptively …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Alleged fraudsters take Calgary dealerships, identity theft victims for 0K ride: The Calgary Police Service has identified two suspects, and arrested one of them, in connection with identity theft and the defrauding of Calgary-area …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Justice Department indicts 80 individuals in a massive business email scam bust: The alleged fraudsters are accused of carrying out several hundred “overt” acts of fraud against more than a dozen victims, generating millions of …: Google Alert – fraudsters

How fraudsters attempt to cheat OLX, Quikr users: New Delhi, August 22 (IANS): If you are planning to sell your old refrigerator or air conditioner on OLX or Quikr, first make sure that you understand all …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Posted Thursday August 22, 2019: … prevention and intake unit at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, points out, “Fraudsters are always targeting Canada with new scams and old scams.: Google Alert – fraudsters

Selling anything on OLX, Quikr? Be aware of these fraudsters on the prowl: As soon as you post your ad on these platforms, you may get calls from fraudsters posing as customers. They often appear ready to pay the price that …: Google Alert – fraudsters

How OLX, Quikr users are cheated by fraudsters: New Delhi: If you are planning to sell your old refrigerator or air conditioner on OLX or Quikr, first make sure that you understand all the nitty-gritties of …: Google Alert – fraudsters