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Phishing Scam Targets Verizon Wireless Customers

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Phone 150x150 Phishing Scam Targets Verizon Wireless CustomersIt is not unusual to see an unfamiliar 1-800 number appear on your caller ID.  Often, these numbers are coming from telemarketers, but they also can come from legitimate sources. One in particular is Verizon Wireless, whose representatives often call from such numbers to contact customers about billing information. But before you start giving out your personal information, beware of a new phishing scam that is targeting Verizon customers.

According to The Examiner, an 800-000-0000 number is calling Verizon customers. Recipients of the call are told that they have a discount or refund due and, naturally, personal information is needed.  The number will call again after the first attempt, making the call receiver fear that something is wrong with their account or dues. This should signal some major red flags. A good rule of thumb is to never give out important, personal information over the phone or Internet. If you ever have doubts (which you should!) when information is requested, call the company directly yourself. Ask about the legitimacy of supposed discounts, bonuses, or fees.

The Examiner notes, “Elderly people are especially vulnerable to scams of all types, and it is important to frequently remind them to never give out any information.”

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Note: Verizon Wireless is a BBB Accredited Business and a BBB National Partner

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