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Phishing E-mail Results in Compromise of W-2 tax Forms of Batavia City Staff

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According to Batavia authorities, around January-end, one phishing e-mail attack compromised the W-2 forms of city employees. The employees affected counted to several hundreds along with councilman and more people who were recipients of W-2 tax forms that the Batavia city distributed.


Authorities stated that the phishing electronic mail came to one city employee, 31st January, and had the guise of an internal electronic mail. The information compromised included financial and other personal details such as earnings, names, addresses and Social Security Numbers (SSNs).


Laura Newman, City Administrator of Batavia said a staff member answered an e-mail on 31st January which looked like it was a Newman’s message requesting information about W-2 form. Newman said the staff member put a query following dispatch of the e-mail. According to her, another staff member asked whether Batavia’s city administrator asked the W-2 information.


Batavia declared, February 2, that a fake e-mail resulted in the compromise of 268 people’s financial and other personal information FTC (Federal Trade Commission) explains phishing as an operation when scammers distribute fake e-mails alternatively real-looking but fraudulent websites with the aim towards acquiring precious personal information like computer passwords along with login IDs, or SSNs. posted this, February 5, 2018.


There are 240 employees in the city, according to Newman. However, the latest hack as well consisted of previous employees’ personal information as also of City Council’s members, the W-2 forms’ recipients during 2017. As per Ms. Laura, the city instantly issued an alert to employees as also was taking steps for minimizing the probable dangers to staff members impacted with the information loss. An investigation by Batavia police was on, she stated.


She further stated the city had informed its insurance carrier while they’d connected the city with experts on cyber-security towards formulation of a response.


Ms. Laura Newman said the phishing assault affected 268 city workers, in all, among which elected officials were included.


Administrators were counseling city employees regarding the measures they should adopt towards safeguarding their financial and identification details, authorities said. Newman declared there would be a year’s of ID-theft protection and credit-monitoring service free-of-cost for city employees.

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