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Paytm Warns Smartphone Users: News

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Paytm Warns Smartphone Users: Fraudsters may steal money from your accounts through such apps." This warning ranges to all cases where a user needs to contact the customer …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Warning after telephone scam in south Wiltshire: Margaret Rees says she was contacted by a fraudster claiming to be from Microsoft who said there was a problem with her computer. She says she …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Conned… and conned again: When top criminologist DAVID CANTER lost £18000 in a scam, he …: Little did I know, on that fateful day two years ago, that it was this woman who was the fraudster, and her duplicitous act — and my gullibility — would …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Action Fraud investigation: Failure to help victims lets crooks strike again: The system seems to offer virtually free rein to fraudsters, allowing criminals to repeatedly defraud the public, safe in the knowledge that nothing will …: Google Alert – fraudsters

City of Saskatoon loses M to fraudster posing as executive: City manager Jeff Jorgenson says a fraudster electronically impersonated the chief financial officer of a construction company that has a contract with …: Google Alert – fraudsters

How other Canadian municipalities lost money to fraudsters and hackers: Ottawa's city treasurer was scammed into wire-transferring more than $ 130,000 of taxpayer funds to a fraudster after she fell for an email scam last …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Jailed Texas Medicare Fraudsters Owe Gov't 9M: Law360 (August 15, 2019, 6:55 PM EDT) — A Texas federal judge has ruled that a doctor and three others convicted of fraudulently billing Medicare for …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Mobile Order-Ahead: An interview with Curt Garner, Chipotle's chief technology officer, on the QSR's new rewards program and how it safeguards customers from fraudsters …: Google Alert – fraudsters

City of Saskatoon falls prey to internet fraudster, sends -million to wrong bank account: The City of Saskatoon says it has lost $ 1 million in an online scam. City manager Jeff Jorgenson says a fraudster electronically impersonated the chief …: Google Alert – fraudsters

City of Saskatoon lost over M in fraud scheme, official says: City manager Jeff Jorgenson told media Thursday afternoon that an apparent fraudster had stolen the identity of the chief financial officer of a …: Google Alert – fraudsters