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  • Tammy

    I got this in my email and they say the money orders are to arive today is this a scam?

    • Todd Miller

      I just got 4 moneygram money orders from this guy. Just trying to figure out what to do with them. I kids doubt off taking them to our local sheriff will do any good.

  • Unfortunately Tammy it has all the hallmarks of a scam: The title is garbled, a delivery is promised (the USPS number is legit but already delivered which will make the greedy query it), the writing is appalling, the use of a number of e-mail addresses, talk about a salary and the clincher – no normal legitimate business pays an employee (which you would be if you received a salary) and then asks the employee to pay a supplier, after all how difficult is it to make out another cheque?

    One last thing – a quick Google does not result in finding a web site for AdSWorld Outdoor Advertising Inc. – only this post. A legitimate business doing business via e-mail should have a legitimate web site.