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Opinion: Some thoughts about Gizmodo’s Phishing story | CSO Online

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On Tuesday, Gizmodo published a story about how easy it was to get Trump Administration officials and associates to click a Phishing link. In order to do this, the Gizmodo Special Projects Desk developed a fake Google Docs email, complete with a false sign-in page.

During the elections last November, President Trump and his staff often pointed to the risks associated with Hillary Clinton’s personal email server. The campaign was also full of discussions around the DNC hack, which started via a Phishing email.

In my opinion, I think the point Gizmodo was attempting to make with this story is that officials haven’t changed their habits. Gizmodo can also argue that the public has a right to know that officials are still clicking potentially dangerous links in their email.

But does it cross a line when a news organization creates a Phishing simulation in order to develop news?