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Mike Pence: Trump administration planning 'full evaluation' of voter fraud

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Mike Pence: Trump administration planning 'full evaluation' of voter fraud: Trump has pledged an investigation of voter fraud in the wake of his unfounded claims that between 3 million and 5 million fraudulent votes were cast …: Google Alert – Fraud

More Trump Deception on Voter Fraud: Told the Pew report found no evidence of voter fraud, Trump falsely claimed the report “all of a sudden changed” and the author was now “groveling.: Google Alert – Fraud

Voting Fraud Inquiry? The Investigators Got Burned Last Time: Little more than a decade ago, the Justice Department made investigating and prosecuting voter fraud a major priority. When top prosecutors failed to …: Google Alert – Fraud

Trump's planned move to investigate baseless voter-fraud claims delayed: The president used a curious anecdote during a conversation with top lawmakers Monday to support the voter-fraud claim, according to a report from …: Google Alert – Fraud

Trump delays signing directive on voter fraud: Trump's focus on voter fraud has provoked concern in both parties. … team, who have said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 …: Google Alert – Fraud

In Jared Kushner, Trump Finds Evidence of 'Voter Fraud' Close to Home: Trump has stated that being on the rolls in multiple states is suggestive of voter fraud. Kushner's voter status follows the news that White House Press …: Google Alert – Fraud

Four School Bus Company Owners Convicted for Bid Rigging and Mail Fraud Conspiracies …: Following a week-long trial, a federal jury in Puerto Rico convicted four individuals for participating in bid rigging and fraud conspiracies at an auction …: Google Alert – Fraud

Trump's Call for a Voter Fraud Inquiry: Congressional Democrats should welcome with open arms Donald Trump's call for a voter fraud investigation. True, the president's view on the …: Google Alert – Fraud

The Truth About Voter Fraud: He's presented no evidence of voter fraud in the election, and plenty of empirical research in fact debunks Trump's assertion that voter fraud is a …: Google Alert – Fraud

Trump to order investigation into voter fraud in election: Trump believes that as many as 5 million people committed voter fraud, telling lawmakers earlier this week at a private reception that he would have …: Google Alert – Fraud