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  • Hi Mary-Ann

    It looks like you were caught by one of the classic phishing scams where a miscreant registers a domain close to an established and trusted domain. In this case they used to mimic

    Going to the secure site (https) for you will see that their security certificate is invalid and appears to have been hosted on

    Their whois registration is still valid though – see: and the attached screenshot

    Compare that whois registration with a legitimate Old Mutual Site – – and see second screenshot.

    You will see that the legitimate business contains lots of identifying information and many fields that you can use to crosscheck that info on whereas the whois for the FAKE has sketchy ifo, wrong spellings and minimal information.

    If I was you I would try and get more information by getting a mate to email the FAKE old Mutual at the Gmail email address provided – maybe by offering to purchase the FAKE domain from them. You could also hand this info to the SAPS.

    You will also see that the FAKE domain was registered via Wild West Domains, LLC through Whois Server on 15 September 2016 and expires on 15 September 2017.
    For the period that he domain was accessible it was hosted on here: NS1.WORDPRESS.COM (, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM ( and NS3.WORDPRESS.COM (

    You could reach out to and ask them to investigate.

    If the FAKE OLD MUTUAL FINANCE have your details such as ID number and other personal identifying data such as postal and home address, photo etc. then you should be very concerned and monitor your bank accounts as a start. With enough personal identifying information the operators of the FAKE site could also open accounts in your name and make your life pretty miserable I am afraid.

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