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Is Millionaire Blueprint System a Scam?

Fraud Alert:

One of the many adverts that one sees at the bottom of many articles on the internet is one that takes you to a web site called Online Wealth Report which (depending on which country you are in) sports logos of local National News Media and sports the headline: “EXPOSED: South African Mom Makes 65,000 Rand/Month From Home And You Won’t Believe How She Does It! The Online Career Journal investigates “Work From Home” jobs that are sweeping South Africa”.

The advert I clicked on said; “R267.00/hr Part Time” BUT the page I landed on said; “I easily make 1,083 Rand/hr working part time from home” – An image of ‘Courtney Adams’ greets you.

Courtney Adams aka Emily Walker

Courtney Adams aka Emily Walker

Now Courtney Adams – from ‘Port Elizabeth’ on the page I landed on – is (according to the image presented as her) a decent looking young mother who is a far cry from what one imagines a criminal to look like. A search on Facebook for the young lady comes up empty handed. Her image appears to the left and I challenge you to find her using this Facebook Search for Courtney Adams. If you do find her then you are an internet god.

BUT the claims seem to be just a leeetle far fetched and not consistent. Also they say a one time credit card verification payment of R45.00 – sometimes when once you have given your credit card details it is difficult to wind the clock back or get those details removed.

Also the links to the author of the article (Amanda Wilson?) along with the comments and like numbers DO NOT link to anything but the same page that you have landed on.

The sales pitch goes on to say; “The companies you work with are worth over 100 billion dollars and are the most used sites in the internet market place, like Amazon, Google, Walmart, Delta, Apple and more… You’re using the top ranked sites in the world, over 50 percent of all internet traffic flows through them everyday. It’s a great opportunity and this has been helping people work at home for over 5 years. Why not get in with the internet’s best and biggest companies?

There are plenty of scams on the internet claiming you can make 400,000 Rand a month, but that is exactly what they are – scams. From my conversation with Courtney, “I am making a good salary from home, which is amazing, under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day that I filled out that form.”

Quickly, Courtney Adams was able to use the simple Millionaire Blueprint System to make it out of the recession.”

If you click on the “R267.00/hr Part Time” link in the United Kingdom you go to a page styled just for you if you were in the United Kingdom and ‘Emily Walker from Liverpool’ greets you, although she looks remarkably similar to ‘Courtney Adams from Port Elizabeth’ – see below:

Online Wealth UK

Online Wealth UK

Online Wealth ZA

Online Wealth ZA

Okay – it is accepted that web site owners will style and localise their landing pages just to make a sale and there is nothing criminal in that – immoral maybe, but not criminal.


If you scroll down a bit further on any of the above pages you will see a ‘Facebook Comments’ Section which purports to show comments from people on Facebook and gives links to their profiles.

Each of the avatar images you see on that page AND the profile links are a lot of hogwash:

  • Clicking on the Posted by Simon link takes you to the Facebook profile of Tohloria Lewis – a change of gender for ‘Simon’.
  • Clicking on the Posted by Kenneth link takes you to the Facebook profile of Tanya Porquez – a change of gender and 1st language for ‘Kenneth’.
  • Clicking on the Posted by Ben link takes you to the Facebook profile of Jennifer Jackson Mercer – a change of gender for ‘Ben’.
  • Clicking on the Posted by Jake T link takes you to the Facebook profile of Katy Barrott – a change of gender and race for ‘Jake T’.
  • Clicking on the Posted by Danielle link takes you to the Facebook profile of Amanda Gibson
  • Clicking on the Posted by Alexander link takes you to the Facebook profile of Julie Keyse – a change of gender and race for ‘Alexander’.
  • Clicking on the Posted by Jane link takes you to the Facebook profile of Brad Williams – a change in gender and race for ‘Jane’.
  • Clicking on the Posted by Liz link takes you to the Facebook profile of Kirsten Bauman.

For ease of reference the ‘Recent Facebook Comments’ section from Online Wealth Report (click on the link and you will be taken to a Forbidden page) is reproduced below with the ACTUAL, REAL Facebook profile images to the right of each on the left:

Online Wealth Facebook Comments

Online Wealth Facebook Comments

And, if you ever do land on the Online Wealth pitch page leave it open for an hour or so, refresh the page and note whether the Recent Facebook Comments section changes – you will see that it stays the same with the same comments from the same people and EVEN STILL has the same time stamp (12 minutes ago, 13 minutes ago etc.)

  • Tina Fisher

    And what if i already paid the R72 to register what will i do now ,hell this life full of fraud And then you just want to work even f its from home .Thank you for this info ……

    • Well Tina – I am an eternal optimist so my advice would be: Carry on BUT do not pay any more money to the company until you see a return. Then come back and tell us that we were all wrong to think that this is a bit of scam.

  • I also noticed these things, Alan. 🙂 LOL. The tragic thing is that so many people don’t try to check, and then lose money. I would love to know how Tina fared. What happened, Tina?

    • No-one likes to admit that they were taken for a ride. We can only hope that others find this and think twice before believing these radical claims.

  • Xerina

    Hey Tina. Are there any updates?

  • Lara McCulloch

    I see the same people are used in a number of scams, like weight loss products endorsed by Dr. Oz even though he’s admitted before a Senate subcommittee the claims are not based on fact. I’ve seen the same alleged Facebook people at another site about anti-aging cream. The “Facebook” comments are almost identical, only certain words are changed to fit the product being shoved down our throats. There’s no way to add your own comment or reply to these “posters” even though the options are there. They don’t work and neither do the products or money-making systems or WHATEVER rubbish is being advertised.

  • bobrzik

    You see those names “Tohloria Lewis,” “Tanya Porquez,” etc. in a lot of the “Facebook comments” sections of these web scams. Try clicking on “Add a comment.” It won’t let you do it.

  • Kimberly Shaw

    Same people people endorsing scam products..SMH

  • Ashton Fourie

    Glad I checked first. So I tried to add a comment on that site – and it is not possible to comment.

    • Glad we could help Ashton