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Is Dairy Queen Holding a Free Cone Day on 20 March 2017?

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Dairy Queen is hosting ‘Free Cone Day’ on 20 March 2017. See Example(s)


I’ve seen on social media that Dairy Queen will be giving away free ice cream cones on March 20th. Typical of viral posts, there’s a link that says “click for details,” but I didn’t in case it’s some sort of spam. The Dairy Queen website says nothing of this. Can you confirm or deny?

mostly true


mostly true


Dairy Queen’s free cone day is slated for 20 March 2017 at participating locations.


In March 2017, third-party pages heralded Dairy Queen’s “free cone day”, leaving some users confused as to whether the promotion was legitimate or a form of like-farming.

Popular versions of the rumor were often shared without links to Dairy Queen’s web site or social media pages, social media behavior which often signals a promotion or freebie is a hoax:

Although the rumor frequently spread through word of mouth, Dairy Queen confirmed it is real, not a phantom giveaway (as other purported chain restaurant promotions have been in the past):

Dairy Queen’s 20 March 2017 free cone day is real, but not all locations are participating in the giveaway. Dairy Queen representatives advised those interested in claiming a complimentary cone to check in first with nearby locations and confirm participation before visiting.

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