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  • Oluwatobi

    I was sent this too

  • Richari

    I was sent the initial e-mail with the positions they have available and wish to fill. I then sent my CV and other information that they listed since I am very interested in relocating and working in Australia. I received the same congratulations e-mail back from them. I’m going to try make contact with Mrs. Shirley Walters to try and find out more information. It is rather strange that they say the interview will take place upon your arrival. How does that work? Surely they would want to first talk to the possible candidates via Skype?? I’m going to look into this, will give feedback if I find out anything.

  • Saad

    I have recieved the same letter from them and now have been sent a visa application form for Temporary Work Visa, However I still want to figure out if it is a proper appointment letter with a form or a scam. Let me know if anyone find out anything