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  • hello
    My name is Corne Bergh and I recieved this exact mail…The ceo of HSBC is Stuart Guliver and not Steve Guliver like this MICHEAL must be a fraud. I will forward this to the reall Reyfields investigators and see what they respond.

    • Thanks Corne

      • Steve

        I received this fraud / phishing attempt in South Africa in July 2014.

        Forwarded to the real Reyfields. Surprised they haven’t shut it down, as it tarnishes their name.

  • sjambok

    I also got teh same email – clearly a fraud.

  • security

    We are a company and our email is on the company name, we also recieved the same email as above, I Google’d Reyfields Investigations and got the same address, I do believe this is a fraud. A cleaver scam again.

  • bobbyj

    I live in South Africa – get stuff like this practically every day. The fraudsters are clearly trying really hard these days – they need to get “honest” jobs and leave us all in peace!!!

  • wayner

    Its still happening got it today

  • Gerald

    Got the same message, was very suspicious – emailed back for further information and received reply that CEO of HSBC would be contacting me directly ……Ha ha!

    • You must be an extremely important person, Gerald. 🙂

      This particular phishing scam is one that keeps coming up here on Fraud Alert.

      Thanks for the delightful feedback, Gerald.

  • tatum

    also received the very same letter,these guys have a lot of time to fool around

  • Peter Reynolds

    To all who are reading this. This is indeed a scam. MY Company is Reyfields Limited at the Suite 14, Dorset House address and we are a professional investigation Company established back in 1973. There is no such person as Michael Reyfields in fact there is no one called Reyfields at all. Over the past year I have responded to hundreds of people who emailed our Company to enquire it this was genuine and I answered accordingly. Kind Regards Peter Reynolds MD of Reyfields Limited

  • Peter Reynolds MD of Reyfields

    Peter Reynolds of Reyfields Limited here again.

    You want to know where these low life are?

    Have a look then on:
    The zoom in to street view!
    Kind regards all

  • Julia

    Is there no action we can take against these people?? Is it safe to email them back and say ‘%$#^”? 🙂

    • If you mail them back Julia the concern is that they then have a confirmed e-mail address that they know they can spam or phish.

      A couple of years ago it was easy enough to sign these phishers and spammers up to a large number of ‘behavioural change’ email lists – i.e. lots of religious email lists in the hope that they would see the error of their ways and repent.

      The best is just to add them to your spam folder and breathe.

      • Julia

        Thank you Alan 🙂

  • Ricardo

    Scam I just receive a mail like that