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'He fell for it': Irishman flips the script on would-be scammer: News

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'He fell for it': Irishman flips the script on would-be scammer: A savvy young Irishman is turning the tables on an internet scammer, tricking fraudsters into depositing money into his account. Like many …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Concocted stories and croquet plans: IBAC's report into Ballarat council fraudster: Lukas Carey was operating with "a significant amount of autonomy and limited oversight", according to the corruption watchdog, when he defrauded …: Google Alert – fraudsters

AMF warns about convicted fraudster Weizhen Tang: Regulators in Quebec are warning investors against dealing with convicted fraudster Weizhen Tang. The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Saskatoon recovers more cash from fraud, report coming to council this fall: The City of Saskatoon says it has now recovered about $ 400,000 in funds that it lost to a fraudster this summer. The City continues to work with law …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Toronto-area man out 75 after e-transfer fraudsters impersonate him on email: Sinani is one of more than 200 people Go Public has learned were recently targeted by fraudsters who stole tens of thousands of dollars, sent via …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Bitcoin Fraudsters Pose As Queen Elizabeth II To Fund 'Quick' Brexit: As Bitcoin scams go, this one takes some beating in the stretched credibility stakes. In a physically mailed letter purporting to be from Buckingham …: Google Alert – fraudsters

New Bitcoin Fraud Goes Right To The Top: If this is a “legitimate” scam and not a prank of some sort, the main question raised is why would fraudsters go to so much trouble in framing an attack …: Google Alert – fraudsters

CFTC files charges against alleged M bitcoin fraudster: The CFTC will continue to work to hold fraudsters accountable, and where appropriate, operate in parallel with our criminal law enforcement …: Google Alert – fraudsters

BBC TV licence: Surge in fraud feared after free licences for over 75s scrapped: They suspect fraudsters to con the general public out of an estimated £320,000 and a 13 percent spike in cases. The charity said the change in the …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Nigeria's harassed tech industry is crowdfunding for a legal campaign against a rogue police unit: It seems in the eyes of Nigeria's police, any young man with a laptop, smartphone and an internet connection is likely a fraudster. Such profiling has no …: Google Alert – fraudsters