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Hawks arrest seventeen government officials for corruption

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NORTH WEST – Seventeen (17) government officials have been arrested by the Hawks in North West for corruption between January and September 2016. These include six (6) traffic officials, three (3) employees of the Department of Justice and eight (8) police officers.

With more and more government officials getting involved in corrupt and other criminal activities, the Hawks in North West, led by Provincial Head Major General Linda Mbana; held an Anti-Corruption Awareness Campaign in Brits on Tuesday. The campaign was aimed at sensitising, educating and warning public servants about the dangers of corruption and how the Hawks will pounce on them if they are found to be on the wrong side of the law.

Major General Mbana outlined the statistics on a high rate in which government officials were being arrested and losing their jobs. She told the officials about a police constable who was sentenced to 5 years direct imprisonment for corruption worth a mere R3000. “Is R3000 really worth losing your job and going to prison? One other member was arrested for theft of exhibit money worth R45 000 and was served the highest fine of R100 000 or 5 years imprisonment.” said General Mbana.

Major General Mbana explained that she is not implying that there is more corruption in government than in the private sector. However, as civil servants of the country – government employees should aim to serve instead of crippling the country.

“As the Hawks, our aim is to curb fraud and corruption within government and private sector and in so doing, get that much closer to having a province and a country that boasts the most reputable government officials”, concluded Major General Mbana.