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Fraud Victim, Piet Malan’s Viral Video gets Vodacom Apology Video

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An incensed Piet Malan reached the end of his tether with Vodacom last year after being hit by a SIM Swap Fraud.

Malan lost just over R249 000 out of his ABSA Account and the thieves racked up an additional bill on his Vodacom Account of almost R26 000.

Apparently ABSA refused to take reponsibility for Malan’s loss saying that he had not kept his bank credentials safe. After deciding not to repay him, the case was referred to the Ombudsman for Banking, where a ruling was made in favour of Absa.

Malan refused to pay his Vodacom bill and was cut off forcing him to move to Cell C.

Vodacom coninued to collect money from Malan who then decided to show his frustration outside the operator’s Westgate branch. On 20 April 2016, he uploaded a video of the scene to YouTube, which didn’t get a lot of traction. This week, he reposted the video to Facebook.

In the video, Malan is shown shouting outside Vodacom Westgate, saying that the company takes R10,000 from him every month and telling passers-by not to use the mobile operator. “Don’t use Vodacom. They’re shit.

Vodacom is shit,” he said. The video is below.

On 18 March 2017 Jorge Mendes, Vodacom Chief Officer: Consumer Sales and Distribution, posted a YouTube Video apologising to Piet Malan saying that as a “goodwill gesture” Vodacom would be crediting Malan’s account.