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  • stswift01

    Looks like these guys are still out there doing their thing because I got this exact email, word for word, yesterday (9 June 2014). The fact that I am here proves I was actually happy to see that email. Damn it!

    • Glad we could help you save some money and harm

      • sue

        I am Sue, and also received an email for an international lottery winning of 2 000 000.00 GBP , now I have already paid about R76000.00 and asked to pay a further 4820.00GBP to get a Declaration Certificate for the IMF to release funs in my account.

  • Crystal

    I was also given this email this morning. Damn scammers

  • Masood Akhter

    I also received the same email from South Africa but I know it may be a fraud, so I just ignored it.