Before adding and sharing your Fraud Alert please check to see if a similar alert has already been posted, thank you:

  • Yellow

    i have received this email two days ago with exactly the Winning Reference Number is: SAFIFA-39-825P-4
    Batch Number: 74-263-N23Q. SERIAL NUMBER: 513-10
    the people are also referencing Uthingo management wich lost the lottery deal years ago. they want a payment of R1950.20 for the claiming of the cheque. please beware of this skeem.

    • Thanks for the input – Remember if someone wants money from you so that they can give you more money then you are probably going to lose your “fee” or “investment” plus a whole lot more as you get sucked into a never ending downward spiral chasing those elusive millions.

  • mpuse

    I also received this email and deleted it because I thought it was a scan. Today a month later it came again and decided to google it. That’s where I found that I was not the only one receiving the email.
    This is clearly a scan. People, some of us my be desperate for free cash but please be alert

  • Terry J

    I also got this email.

  • As the 2014 World Cup in Brazil gets closer we can expect to see this phishing/scam e-mail more and more unfortunately.

    Now, if only Sepp could set his lawyers on these miscreants. He seems to do very well in protecting his brand in other areas so why not actually help people who may lose a lot of money as well?

  • Annie

    I received the very same email saying that my email address was chosen in a ballot to receive R250k lmfao.

    What a scam ….. they even answer their mobiles….. and push you further an further in the phishing business.

    I’m not stupid I asked for their physical address where I can personally pay the so-called processing charges and the scumbag said that their offices are in Pretoria when I infact know it is in Johannesburg,

    Please people don’t be caught up and being suckered for monies by these guys.

  • KLM

    When i received the message this morning, 29/02/2014 i immediately suspected fraud and i went to your website. Guesss what …

    • It feels good when we save people money and heartbreak. Well done to you for checking first.

  • Asa

    Well, I just received the same email today and I decided to check………….bloody crooks…….