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Facebook launches tool to fight phishing attacks

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INTERNATIONAL – Facebook announced that it will use its Certificate Transparency Monitoring Tool to help developers fight phishing attacks.

“We are extending the capabilities of our Certificate Transparency Monitoring tool to make it easier for developers to learn about new domains that are maliciously created to implement phishing attacks. Our tool alerts website owners of these scams so that they can take action to protect their domain and the people who use their websites”, said the company in a statement. 

” By taking action to shut down bad domains that are created solely to trick people, legitimate website owners can protect their sites and help prevent others from falling for harmful scams.”

Facebook’s Certificate Transparency tool previously kept a record of valid security certificates issued for domains owned by the company.

However, it will now be used to aid other domain owners. 

The tool analyses each certificate issued and checks it, notifying the owner of the legitimate domain if an attempt at phishing is detected.

Developers can access the Facebook developers portal to monitor and to use the free phishing domain. 

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