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Don’t fall for this elaborate WhatsApp phishing scam – TrustedReviews

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Thousands of users have fallen victim to a new scam on WhatsApp

Fraudsters are using WhatsApp to inform gullible individuals that Adidas is dishing out 3000 pairs of high-end sneakers in celebration of its 93rd birthday – but (surprise, surprise) that isn’t the case. It’s all one big hoax. A hoax that thousands of WhatsApp users all over the world have fallen victim to.

From what we can tell, the whole thing is an elaborate identity phishing scam. The fraudsters are circulating a link pointing to an online survey, claiming that customers will receive a free pair of exclusive trainers after they hand over some basic shipping details, including their full name and address.

Image: The Sun

“We are aware of the WhatsApp message that is currently circulating claiming that Adidas is giving away free footwear and would like to caution the public about believing this, as it is definitely a hoax”, said Lauren Haakman, Brand Communications PR Manager at Adidas South Africa on Monday.

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WhatsApp, which has become somewhat of a hotbed for scammers in recent months, is testing a system to eliminate phishing attempts – though there’s no word on when it will arrive. With this latest attempt ruffling feathers all over the globe, however, we’re guessing it’ll be here sooner rather than later.

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