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Devotee loses Rs 73000 to fake darshan ticket scam: News

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Devotee loses Rs 73000 to fake darshan ticket scam: The fraudsters are managing to devise new tricks to cheat gullible devotees, despite the TTD initiating a number of measures to streamline darshan …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Hackers target Visakhapatnam bizmen's e-mails, lakhs siphoned off: After hacking into his e-mail, the fraudsters kept a tab on the businessman's transactions. After some time, they set up an e-mail account similar to that …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Four Chinese spies are charged with being behind the Equifax data breach: This led investigators to conclude that the data breach wasn't carried out by run-of-the-mill fraudsters looking to make a quick buck online, but rather …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Vijayawada: Cops foil cyber fraudster's attempt to cheat: Vijayawada: The cyber crime police helped a person to get back his money after he was cheated by an online cyber fraudster. According to city …: Google Alert – fraudsters

'?615.39cr lost to debit, credit card frauds': Fraudsters siphoned off ?615.39 crore in more than 1.17 lakh cases of credit and debit card frauds over 10 years (April 2009 to September 2019), …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Changes as Barclays rebrands to Absa: Fraudsters could take advantage of the transition to try to dupe Absa Kenya customers into giving away crucial bank accounts information as it formally …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Cyberabad cops to write to RBI on bank frauds: Officials said though some banks are following strict rules, it should be made more stringent to prevent it being misused by fraudsters. In some …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Elderly victims of jailed Cricklewood fraudster to receive compensation: Elderly victims of a jailed Cricklewood fraudster will receive a share of £29,656 compensation from confiscated assets including a Rolex watch and …: Google Alert – fraudsters

SEON: How to make faster and more accurate decisions: Then there's the bigger problem of organized fraudsters. We're talking multi-accounting syndicates who have ways to bypass ID verification, create …: Google Alert – fraudsters

New SIM card fraud making the rounds: A new scam is making the rounds, involving cellphone SIM cards. Fraudsters are using SIM swapping and phone number porting to gain access to …: Google Alert – fraudsters