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Britain's first 'deep fake' fraud: Energy executive conned into handing over £200000 to thieves who …: News

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Britain's first 'deep fake' fraud: Energy executive conned into handing over £200000 to thieves who …: The fraudsters were able to use technology that imitated the German boss's accent and speaking style so convincingly that the manager had no …: Google Alert – fraudsters

?10 mn fraud at LU: Three-member panel formed to suggest preventive measures: The fraudsters cloned the cheques (using LU's cheque numbers) and produced them at the UCO bank, siphoning off the money. According to …: Google Alert – fraudsters

What to do when your crypto's been stolen: For instance, if a fraudster gave some stolen bitcoin to their friend, and that friend posted their bitcoin wallet address online, it's fairly obvious …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Bogus Cape estate agents' 'selling' houses are back: Cape Town – Housing fraudsters have hit the Mfuleni and Khayelitsha areas, selling houses without the knowledge or consent of homeowners yet …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Jawa Motorcycles Dealership Scam: Jawa Cautions Enthusiasts To Stay Away From Fraudsters: Jawa Motorcycles has warned its enthusiasts of imposters trying to offer dealership licenses in exchange for money. A poster uploaded by Jawa …: Google Alert – fraudsters

The Majority of Older Adults Don't Know About These Disastrous Retirement Scams: Fraudsters are becoming smarter and more sophisticated, so scams are not as easy to detect as they once were. They're also becoming more …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Man, 35, extradited from India and charged with rape and murder of woman whose body was found …: Contactless card crooks are cashing in thanks to 'double tap' trick that allows fraudsters to break £30 card limit by making several 'tap and go' …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Bedfordshire police warn of phone scams targeting elderly: Several elderly people have been targeted by fraudsters posing as police officers. In one instance, a victim was conned into paying suspects £5,000.: Google Alert – fraudsters

How can I avoid getting scammed by fraudsters who claim to have FCA approval?: The register is accurate but fraudsters simply pretend to be another firm and give out its number dishonestly.It is hard to get accurate data on the extent …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Cyber criminals preying on unsuspecting suburbs: LAHORE: In the race to become rich overnight, cyber fraudsters are depriving people of their life savings throughout Lahore. The province is filled with …: Google Alert – fraudsters