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Bluetooth Enabled Gas Pump Skimmer Detector Is The App You Need: News

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Bluetooth Enabled Gas Pump Skimmer Detector Is The App You Need: In the past, after fraudsters successfully installed their gas pump credit card skimmer, they need to regularly find a way to get near the cash machine to …: Google Alert – fraudsters

.7M auto loan scheme lands metro Atlanta men in prison: The fraudsters would then apply for car loans saying they were buying vehicles from the shell companies. Loan checks would go into bank accounts of …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Show Segments: According to the City, fraudsters contacted them posing as the CFO of a construction company and changed their banking information, leading the city …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Elderly Scarborough man defrauded out of nearly £5000 in phone scam: A Scarborough man has been defrauded out of nearly £5000 this week via a phone related scam. North Yorkshire Police said fraudsters contacted the …: Google Alert – fraudsters

World of Media: Winners of Novartis' global media review, CBS/Viacom merger sets off alarm bells …: But, he added, what made this case unique was not only Facebook's unprecedented lawsuit, but also the fraudsters' creation of apps to carry out ad …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Want refund from Zomato on canceled order? DON'T CALL! You may lose money: Fraudsters used the app to take control of other people's devices and find … After getting the personal data of the victim, the fraudsters do multiple …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Experts worry over increasing frequency of deepfake attacks: Fraudsters are increasingly using technology to doctor their voices and faces in a con technique called “deepfake” – and cyber security experts and …: Google Alert – fraudsters

US embassy appeals to Kenyans to report fake USAID page conning people: The embassy noted with great concern the raising cases of innocent citizens being conned by the fraudsters who claim to be agents of USAID.: Google Alert – fraudsters

Romance on the line: Thus, they may be easily hoodwinked by the fraudsters' sweet talk. Young Chinese people should take the cover off their eyes and think twice before …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Are you using home Wi-Fi for online banking? ALERT! Fraudster can steal your money with this …: However, you will be shocked to know-how with an easy trick fraudster can get authorise access to your bank account and steal your hard-earned …: Google Alert – fraudsters