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Beware of Kevin Hennings aka George Stent

Fraud Alert:
this is him at donkin

Kevin Hennings aka George Stent at the Donkin Reserve

Dear Editor

Not long ago at Humerail spar I was approached by a stranger with an American accent claiming to have been robbed by taxi drivers and in desperate need for money to get to the US embassy in Pretoria. He is a con artist and scams dozens of locals weekly. This man is a junkie and dangerous. He does his rounds from Summerstrand all the way to Rink Street in Central. We need to start getting rid of him please. He started in Cape Town and is already ‘famous’ in a local blog.

More on him here: (with more images of Kevin/George through his ‘career’).

Lets jump on the case, thank you.

GP Greyvenstein

  • Ron-Alain Heidtmann

    He approached me tonight at the V&A with the same story of being an American tourist who had his possessions and passport stolen. He successfully conned me, but the worst part is he has my mobile number, but he gave me his and I can confirm it is him, pretending to be an African. His mobile number is 0617858280.

    • Now that sucks Ron-Alain – sorry to hear about that.