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93% of attempted mobile transactions in 2019 were fraudulent: News

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93% of attempted mobile transactions in 2019 were fraudulent: Fraudsters appear to target some app categories more than others. Ironically, apps designed to make a device function better and make everyday life …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Gumtree fraudster a 'one-woman crime wave': GUMTREE fraudster and drug dealer Teneil Lee Hassan was labelled a “one-woman crime wave” after her six-month crime binge was revealed in …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Hi-tech bank fraud racket trail leads to city: Chandigarh: The cyber crime cell of Punjab Police has busted a hi-tech multi-crore bank fraud racket, operating from Ludhiana, in which fraudsters …: Google Alert – fraudsters

CONSUMER CATCH-UP: More inclined infant sleepers recalled, FTC warns VoIP providers not to …: "VoIP service providers play a unique role in the robocall ecosystem, allowing fraudsters and abusive telemarketers to call consumers at a fraction of a …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Securities commission slaps new penalties on fraudster over Jasper resort condo: The Alberta Securities Commission has slapped new restrictions on a convicted fraudster who raised money for a condo project tied to a doomed …: Google Alert – fraudsters

InSure offers the best insurance for the crypto portfolios: Blockchain is an ideal technology for fighting fraudsters. This is a joint and protected from unauthorized access records of actions that are marked by …: Google Alert – fraudsters

'You are not alone' Over 0 million in losses reported to Canada Anti-Fraud Centre in 2019: Once fraudsters are given the number on the gift card "the money is gone as fast as you've sent it." The Canada Anti-Fraud Centre asks that if you …: Google Alert – fraudsters

MP calls for swift action on cyber crime: He clarified that these cyber fraudsters create fake Facebook and other social media accounts in the names of public officers, especially MPs and …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Nagas easy prey for online fraudsters–Police: Another means employed by the fraudsters is posing as truck drivers transporting the particular goods, such as a car, and asking for a “check post fine …: Google Alert – fraudsters

Two doorstep conmen prompt warning from Portslade councillor: His warning was echoed by Sussex Police which said that doorstep fraudsters conned residents out of money “to carry out work on their drains”.: Google Alert – fraudsters