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37 WC Cops Charged with Fraud and Corruption

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Yesterday 9 October 2019, during a presentation of the SAPS Annual Report 2018/2019 to the Portfolio Committee on Police at the National Assembly, it was revealed that 37 Western Cape cops have been charged with fraud and corruption.

Reagan Allen says that he will be writing to the Provincial Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, requesting a further and thorough investigation into the 37 cases reported and how these crimes committed within the SAPS itself have affected performance in the department or station where they were uncovered.

Reagen Allen, MPP says: “One is forced to question the integrity of some SAPS member as it was reported that in 20 of the 37 cases, members were charged with ‘aiding to escape’. Furthermore, fraud and corruption within the SAPS have a dire effect on policing in the Western Cape, a service already buckling under severe under resourcing and maladministration. It is deeply concerning when law enforcement officers themselves cannot abide by the very laws they should uphold.”

Section 19 of the Western Cape Community Safety Act allows for oversight over the effectiveness and efficiency of the South African Police Service. In a recent presentation to the Standing Committee on Community Safety at Provincial Parliament it was reported that 1424 disciplinary cases of serious nature were brought against SAPS members over the last financial year. Only 139 of these cases were finalised.

MPP Reagen Allen adds: “These investigations must be pursued and concluded as a matter of urgency if we are to guarantee a dedicated police service for the people of the Western Cape, served by officers of integrity. They are also crucial in ensuring that gang leaders are not in collusion with police officers.”

When SAPS members are linked to cases of misconduct, a thorough investigation is crucial to prevent repeat offences, and to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken against members to sustain safety and security services. This phenomenon is particularly alarming with regards to the level of gangsterism and organised crime in the province.